Vision and mission

Our Vision


At Connection Walls, we envision a world where the events and trade fair industry sets the gold standard for sustainability and circularity with vibrant, eco-conscious environments that leave no negative impact on our planet. Our vision is to be the pioneer in providing innovative, eco-friendly solutions that not only redefine the way we construct spaces but also serve as a beacon for responsible event design.


Our Mission


Connection Walls wants to offer cutting-edge, CO2-negative modular wall systems and sustainable event solutions. We are committed to revolutionize the events and trade fair industry with real ecological solutions.


Jan Pieters | My Story

Time and again I was outraged by the amount of trash left behind after every fair.
I wanted this to be different, more sustainable, more environmentally conscious.
That's why I started Connection Walls, to provide an answer to the single-use of materials.
Now we are to the point where we produce and install carbon-negative, walls, easier and faster than before.


Our Commitments

At Connection Walls, we believe sustainability should be both eco-conscious and budget-friendly. Our efficient design aims to make green solutions financially viable, ultimately boosting our clients' revenues.

We're committed to making sustainability the standard in the events industry. Together, let's create a brighter, environmentally aware future for events worldwide.

  • Sustainable

    We are dedicated to reducing waste and CO2 emissions in the events and trade fair
    industry, by designing products that can be reused, repurposed and recycled.

  • Modular

    We empower our customers to create the environments they desire with flexible, communicative trade fairs stands, walls, and other structures, fostering creativity and engagement.

  • Faster

    Through efficient design we make our wall system free of tools and loose pieces, which allows a fast and cost-effective build-up, ultimately increasing revenues for our clients