Connection Walls


Sustainability is Integrated into Every Aspect of Connection Walls

From creation to use to recycling. Find out more here on the website.


Reduce, reuse and recycle

For instance, the thickness of the outer plates has been minimized to limit material use. Connection Walls can be easily reused since they are built to be constructed and diconstructed without damaging the panels. Each panel is standard which means that they can be reused in different configurations without altering the panels. The Connection Walls can be recycled, actually we take back the panels in case that you would like to recycle them.


Frequent use

Resilient Panels withstanding Frequent Use

The panels exhibit no signs of wear from frequent use. In the event of corner damage, individual components can be replaced, sparing the need for a complete panel replacement. [Read more]



Closing the Loop: Reusing and Recycling Connection Walls

We retrieve used Connection Walls for reutilization or recycling. The outer plates are crafted from 100% recycled natural materials, and they can be fully recycled to create new Connection Walls. The core, connector, and metal hooks are reclaimed to produce new panels. Even the printed canvases find a second life through recycling.


CO2 negative

Reducing Carbon Footprint, One Panel at a Time

Did you know that every 230cm Connection Walls panel reduces over 20kg of CO2 emissions? As we produce more panels, we contribute to even greater CO2 reduction.



Lightweight and Strength: Composition of Connection Walls Panels

Connection Walls base panels comprise two robust composite panels on the exterior and a wooden core within. This design ensures lightweight yet robust panels capable of supporting up to 50kg each.

The hard composite boards are crafted from 100% natural fibers, certified Cradle to Cradle, VOC-free, and compostable.

End pieces and connectors at the top and bottom are fashioned from wood. Connecting hooks are forged from metal [Read more]. The connectors are affixed to the base panels with metal bolts, and the skirting boards are also made of wood.


Components and dimensions


Configurations for Every Need

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no loose parts or tools !

Unique connection system

Connection Walls has a unique patented connection system.

This ensures assembly and disassembly without tools or loose parts.

Thanks to the metal hooks, the panels are assembled and disassembled countless times without wear.


Combine the panels also in height

Modular Height Integration

Connection Walls can be combined in height, where the bottom of one panel securely fits into the top of another. This versatility allows for various configurations to suit different applications. Explore possibilities in the "Walls & Stands Shop."


Printing and finishing

Seamless Imagery

All designs are printed on durable tendon cloths and securely fixed within the groove system, resulting in expansive, seamless images. Swapping out canvases for different images is a breeze, and the cloths are recyclable [Read more].


German design award


CONNECTION WALLS is a circular solution for creating your desired environment at trade fairs, events, shops and others. They are quick and frequent to set up and dismantle without tools thanks to a simple connection system. CONNECTION WALLS are panels with a cardboard inner core and plates of recycled paper on the outside that can be printed, making them light, strong and 98% recyclable. CONNECTION WALLS, a new planet and a people-friendly standard in stand-building.


Statement of the German Design Award jury

"The CONNECTION WALLS not only impress thanks to their easy, tool-free assembly, comparatively low weight and great flexibility. They are also almost completely recyclable and as a result extremely sustainable, which makes them an ideal solution for standard trade fair structures."