Roval - Roofday 2023

Roval - Roofday 2023

The booth we specially designed and built for Roval is a true eye-catcher with its impressive height of 355 cm. The beautiful images, printed on fabric and prominently displayed, immediately convey the message that Roval wants to convey to visitors.


But the impact goes beyond just visual appeal and sustainability. Within the booth, we have also integrated displays and models to provide a more detailed explanation of Roval's products. This allows visitors to closely examine the products and gain a deeper understanding of what Roval has to offer.


  • The response of Roval to the Connection Walls booth


We have already received many compliments 😊.

I will send some more photos of the beautiful booth shortly.


Kind regards,


Roval Aluminium B.V.


Pauline Manders-Vlemmix,

Head of Marketing & Communication


Roofday 2023




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