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Introducing our End Pieces for Connection Walls:


  • Made of plywood with an HPL finish.
  • Width: 10 cm, Thickness: 4.8 cm.
  • Lenghts available: 115 cm, 175 cm, 230 cm.


Three types to fit your needs:

  1. Bottom End Piece: Matches the bottom level of two-level constructions.
  2. Top End Piece: Matches the top level of two-level constructions.
  3. Single End Piece: For single-level constructions.



  • Single Level 240cm (using panels of 230 cm height): Use Single End Piece 230 cm.

  • Two-Level 300 cm (using panels of 175 plus 115 cm height): Need Bottom End Piece 175 cm and Top End Piece 115 cm.


Easy toolless installation with Connection Walls hook system. Simplify your construction projects!

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