vue interne de nos panneaux


The dimensions of the panels are designed to minimize and the consumption of raw materials and waste.

This is why the thickness of the panels was chosen so as to use as little material as possible.

Besides, all our panels have an identical cardboard structure.

The structure of our panels guarantees sufficient resistance.


Connection Walls are constructed to allow a use as long as possible.

They incorporate a reinforcement bar at the top and bottom so that the corners and the seat are protected.

The connection system with its metal hooks excludes all wear and tear during assembly of the panels. At the end, the metal hooks are removed with a single screw and can be reused on a new panel.


In fact, Connection Walls can be fully recycled. The outer walls are made from recycled materials and can be completely recycled again to make new plates.

Also, the cardboard structure as well as to form new panels.

A complete cycle is obtained. This way we can contribute to a sustainable and circular world.  That’s what we aim for!