The dimensions of the panels are designed to minimise the consumption of raw materials and waste. The dimensions of 120×60 cm and 240×60 cm were therefore chosen.

Energy consumption and transport are also reduced to a minimum throughout the production process. The energy used is wind power.

The thickness of the hard composite outer panels is kept to a minimum to reduce material use.


Connection Walls are made to be used for as long as possible.

They have a reinforced inside and hard composite panels on the outside.

The connection system consists of metal hooks so there is no wear and tear during assembly and disassembly of the panels.


Connection Walls can be fully recycled. At the end of their service life, we take them back to recycle them.

The outer panels are made of 100% recycled natural materials and can be fully recycled again to make the same panels again.

The core and metal hooks are also reclaimed to form new panels.

The stickers and canvases with printing are recycled.

The circle is complete and the circle is not even that big.

This is how we can contribute to a sustainable and circular world.

That is what we strive for!