Connection Walls are panels with a cardboard inner core and recycled plates on the outside, making them very light, but also very strong!

Connection system 

A unique connection system is installed at the top of the panels which makes it very easy to set up and remove the panels.


  • Standard panel: 240 x 60 cm

  • Pop-up panel: 120 x 60 cm

  • Thickness: 46 mm | 86 mm

  • Customized panels: the panels can be adjusted in length as well as in width to your desired dimensions.


The panels can be printes with your own graphical design.

This print can be sanded completely so that you can reuse the panels and print again with a new print, without losing any material.


The panels can be connected is such a way that higher wall can be built without the need for screws or loose parts!


The panels are always provided with baseboards. The floorboards are used to level the floor so that the panels will always fit nicely together.
Just like the Connecion Walls, the baseboards work with the simple connection system.