vue interne de nos panneaux

Connection walls are panels with an internal cardboard structure covered with plates of recycled materials.
In order to make our structures more resistant, we provide a wooden bar at the top and bottom.
They are therefore very light and resistant.
And don’t forget: All the panels can be printed with a graphic design.

Connection system 

vue du système de raccoerdement de nos panneaux ConnectionWalls

We have developed a unique connection system.
This is why our products are one-of-a-kind and, most important, very practical to use.
In this way you could save a lot of time during the assembly and disassembly of the structure.


  • Standard panel: 240 x 60 cm

  • Pop-up panel: 120 x 60 cm

  • Thickness: 46 mm | 86 mm

  • Customized panels: the panels can be adjusted in length as well as in width to your desired dimensions.


panneau avec impressin publicitaire

The panels are designed so that you can print your graphic design on it. Everything is possible, you can customize to every exhibition, shop or event.
If you want to reuse the panels, it is possible to remove the fully recyclable sticker from the panels and swap it for a new one.
Afterwards you could reprint the panel with your new advertisement or design. This way we create a totally new stand without wasting materials.


panneaux assembler ensemble

It is possible to make larger structures in height by superimposing them. This requires neither screws or other loose parts.
That said, we can also make different shapes (cube, column, triangular column,…).


In order to provide a quality product, we have developed a plinth system.
The plinths are always supplied with the panels, they are used to level the floor.
To keep it simple, they are also equipped with the unique connection system.

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