vue interne de nos panneaux

The Connection Walls consist of two hard composite panels on the outside and a wooden core with metal connecting hooks on the inside. This makes the Connection Walls panels very light and strong. This makes it possible to mount anything and everywhere, up to 50 kg per panel.


There are two standard panels. One of 240 x 60 cm and one of 120 x 60 cm.

Both are 4.5 cm thick. The panels can also be made in a smaller size.


The composite panels are made of natural fibres and cellulose. These are of 100% recycled material, Cradle to Cradle, VOC free and compostable.

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Connection system 

vue du système de raccoerdement de nos panneaux ConnectionWalls

Connection Walls has a unique patented connection system.

It consists of two metal hooks that snap together. Together with the tongue and groove system, this ensures assembly and disassembly without tools or loose parts. Because of the metal hooks, the panels can be mounted and dismounted countless times.


panneau avec impressin publicitaire

We apply beautiful images to the Connection Walls in two ways to create the desired look.

We print all designs on polypropylene stickers. These stickers are then carefully adhered to the panels. As a result, we create an infinitely continuous image along the entire wall.

Polypropylene stickers are recyclable.

On the other hand, we also print canvas with tendons. The canvases are inserted into the groove system, creating large seamless images. The canvases are easy to replace with another.

The canvases are 100% recyclable.


panneaux assembler ensemble

There are many standard options with Connection Walls and many more through customisation.

We build the walls as long as you want.

The panels can be placed on top of each other. So we can build walls up to 4.80 m.

We install exhibition stands in L-shape, U-shape, with or without storage spaces.

The Connection Walls are ideal for setting up complete trade fairs with H-shaped stands.

With the support feet, we can also build free-standing straight walls. We can also mount anything and everywhere on these walls up to 50kg per panel.

Skirting boards

To compensate for unevenness in the floor, Connection Walls are always fitted with skirting boards with adjustable feet to level the floor in this way.

Only two standard types of 120cm and 180cm length are needed to form all combinations.