Connection Walls is a sustainable
CO2 negative wall solution.

With Connection Walls, you can create the desired environment at trade fairs, events, shops and others.
Connection Walls are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to a unique connection system.

Full service!

With our full service, we like to make your work as easy as possible.
The unique connection system makes building up and dismantling a stand very easy and fast.


Did you know…

• the production of 1,000 kg of cement leads to 1,000 kg of CO2 emissions
• producing 1,000 kg of iron results in 2,000 kg of CO2 emissions
• the production of 1,000 kg of aluminum leads to 12,000 kg of CO2 emissions
• the recycling of existing aluminum also causes CO2 emissions

CO² reduction meter

This is an indicator that calculates per meter how many kg of CO2 a wall emits. When you add a certain number of meters, the indicator calculates the number of panels and the amount of CO2 reduction

Calculate CO2 reduction
Connection walls

And much more

In addition to walls, we also make counters and doors from Connection Walls.
Everything can be mounted on our walls up to 50kg per panel!

… endless possibilities!

Jan Pieters  |  My story

Time and again, I was outraged at how much waste was left behind after a fair.

I wanted this to be different, more sustainable, more environmentally aware.

That is why I started Connection Walls, to offer an answer to the one-time use of materials.

Now we are at the point where we produce and install CO2-negative walls, easier and faster than before.
This reduces costs and increases revenues!

Now we are continuing this momentum with sustainable lighting, carpets and furniture.