Connecting people

CONNECTION WALLS are sustainable, ready-to-use wall panels for creating your desired environment at trade fairs, events, shops and others.

CONNECTION WALLS are quick and frequent to set up and dismantle thanks to a simple connection system.

CONNECTION WALLS offers extensive possibilities to cover all your needs.

CONNECTION WALLS are even easier than others thanks to our full service.

Did you know …

… the print on the Connection Walls can be sanded completely?
This way you can immediately create a new stand with a perfect new print, without wasting materials!



Connection Walls are panels of 240 x 60 cm or 120 x 60 cm with a cardboard inner core and plates on the outside, making them very light and very strong.

A unique connection system is installed at the top which makes it very easy to set up and remove Connection Walls.

The panels can be printed with any type of print.

The panels can be connected in such a way that higher walls can be built without the need for screws, loose parts, or any other accessories …

Create the experience you want and connect people through the Connection Walls.

Connection Walls offer the possibility to provide a different, more pleasant experience at an exhibition or event. The Connection Walls are offered with printing and many other products for a complete, atmospheric stand and event experience.

Everyone feels good when using the Connection Walls because it is also a sustainable solution, with a limited ecological footprint.

Connecting People”

Sustainable simplicity, all kinds of possibilities!


Thanks to the unique connection system CONNECTION WALLS are easy to install by one person without the use of tools.


We like to make it as simple as possible for you by providing a full service.


Create the experience you want and connect people through the CONNECTION WALLS.


The CONNECTION WALLS can be fully recycled after use.


The CONNECTION WALLS allow you to set up very flexible walls with a lot of possibilities to create the configuration and atmosphere that you want.

Take a look!

The most flexible showcase:

Innovating presentation

Whether you want to build an exhibition stand or exhibition, visualise a campaign or decorate an interior, the Connection Walls offer you a perfect carrier, without restrictions!

Both with reference to the possible surface area and in height, these panels can be used to build any “Wall” that is desired.

We will decorate all the necessary elements according to your house style and we will assemble them together as per your instructions.

We offer possibilities to integrate electricity (sockets) and network cabling, to provide a necessary (visible or non-visible) link to the storage space or meeting room.

Suitable lighting to perfectly illuminate the environment and your products…

We are ready to “build” your story


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Easy to set up by 1 person


Some “tips & tricks” to install and take down the CONNECTION WALLS in a good and safe manner

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